Upload Cover

  1. Saving low resolution files that are easily viewable on the internet.
  2. Uploading to a social networking site.

  1. Save your file so that you have 3 files:
  2. A high resolution (8.5" x 11" @ 300 pixels/inch) Photoshop (.psd) file titled magazinecover.psd
  3. A low resolution (8.5" x 11" @ 72 pixels/inch) Photoshop (.psd) file titled magazinecoverlow.psd
  4. A low resolution (8.5" x 11" @ 72 pixels/inch) JPEG (.jpg) file titled magazinecoverlow.jpg
  5. Upload to your website.

Create a new low resolution file in Photoshop

Open your document in Photoshop.
File >> Save As.
Save into Documents >> Hoganmedia. The name should be magazinecoverlow.psd

Image >> Image Size

Make sure that the Resample Image box is checked.
Change Resolution from 300 to 72 pixels/inch.
Your pixel dimensions should be about 1.39M (was 24.1M)
Click OK.
File >> Save. This is your low resolution Photoshop file titled magazinecoverlow.psd
File >> Save for Web and Devices.
Make sure the preset says JPEG High.
Click Save.
Save into Documents >> Hoganmedia. The name should be magazinecoverlow.jpg. Click Save.


Log into hoganmedia.ning.com or artdig.ning.com.
Click On Display or Photos.
Add Photos.
Choose Documents >> Hoganmedia >> magazinecoverlow.jpg.


When your file is uploaded comment on another student's magazine cover.
Describe how well the student used the design principles, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

Present to Class

Take us through your creative process.
Go to your page.
Show your Magazine Brainstorm blog post.
What is the function of your magazine?

Go to next post to show your 3 logos.
Explain why you chose your logo.

Click on your photo at the top left.
Click on your magazine cover image.
Explain how you used one of the design principles: contrast, repetition, alignment, or proximity