Add Elements to Your Magazine Cover Design

Add a cover line, barcode, and date line.
Your magazine already has a masthead (logo) and a main image. Now it is time to add the main cover line, barcode, date line, and photographer credit.

Date Line

Month and year of publication, often with the price. Note that a monthly magazine usually hits the news-stands the month before the cover date.

Main Cover Line

This is very large and layer effects have been added to make it stand out. The cover line should be the title of the article you bookmarked. Bar Code

Standard bar code used by retailers. Must appear on white background.


Design Principles

Contrast - Exaggerating the difference between different elements.
Repetition - Repeating elements for consistency.
Alignment - Placing elements in a line to organize them. Also, ensuring an even amount of space around the edges.
Proximity - Grouping related objects.


Add Date Line

Use the text tool to add the date line. Use the move tool to align the date line with the logo or another element in the design. Change the color and layer effects if necessary so that it contrasts the background. Choose a font that is readable at a small size.

Add Main Cover Line

Find the title of your article in the Safari Bookmarks. Use the text tool to add the title as the cover line. Use contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. Add Bar Code

Drag the barcode below into your magazine cover document. Use proper alignment.