1. Making a design more engaging by overlapping layers.
  2. Using the magnetic lasso tool to select part of an image.

Edit Image Click on the image layer.

Add a filter.

  • Filter >> Artistic >> Poster Edges.
  • Try one of the other filters.
  • Adjust the settings.

Notice how the images in these magazine covers overlap the logo:

Overlap Image on Text

  1. Click the eye to turn off the logo layer.
  2. Click on the image layer.
  3. Choose the Magnetic Lasso tool.
    • Click and hold the Lasso, then choose the Magnetic Lasso.
  1. Click the corners and rollover the edges of your main character to trace it.
  2. Go all the way around and return to the point where you began.
  3. Click to complete the selection.
  4. Command-C to copy the selection.
  5. Command-V to paste it.
  6. Click on the new layer and drag it above the logo layer.
  7. Add to the selection by holding shift and dragging a box around what you need to add.
  8. Subtract from the selection by holding option and dragging a box around what you need to add.

Use the brush tool to add effects to the image.