Contrast: Exaggerating the difference between different elements.
Converting vector graphics to raster graphics.
Adding layer styles in Photoshop

Notice how contrast is used to make each magazine logo stand out:
Entertainment: light blue text on dark blue background, with slight drop shadow.

Gameinformer: Black stroke and red stroke to outline logo
Sports Illustrated: White stroke to outline, heavy drop shadow, slight inner shadow.

Edit Logo

  1. Window >> Layers.
  2. Control-Click the logo layer.
  3. Rasterize. Now your logo is editable.
  4. Click fx to add a layer style.
    • Move the Layer Style box so you can see the logo you are editing.
    • Add a color overlay
      • Click on the words "Color Overlay" to see options.
        • (If you click the Check Box without clicking the words you will not be able to see the options)
      • Click the square.
      • Choose a color that contrasts the background.
    • Add Bevel and Emboss.
      • Click on the words "Bevel and Emboss" to see options.
      • Adjust the Depth and Size.
    • Add a Drop Shadow.
      • Click on the words "Drop Shadow" to see options.
      • Change "Blend Mode" from "Multiply" to "Normal."
      • Choose a color by clicking the black box.
      • Adjust the Spread to fill the shadow.
      • Adjust the Size the make the shadow larger.

    These layer effects are suggestions to ensure that your logo stands out. Use your own judgment to find the right combination of layer styles to create contrast for your logo.