Magazine Cover Main Image

Setting up a file in Photoshop and choosing resolution for print.
Placing files from vector-based Illustrator.

Using contrast to exaggerate the difference between the logo and its background.
Working with layers in Photoshop.

Open Photoshop

  1. Start a new file, titled magazinecover
  2. Width 8.5 inches, Height 11 inches, and Resolution 300 pixels/inch.

Place the logo and main image.

  1. Place the logo
    • File >> Place. Your logo should be in Documents >> Magazine.
    • Hold shift key and drag corner to resize.
    • Hit return to apply.
  2. Open the file for your main image.
    • File >> Open.
    • Command-A to select all.
    • Command-C to copy.
    • Click the magazinecover tab
    • Command-V to paste.
    • Command-T to transform scale.
    • Hold the shift key and drag the corner
    • Hit return to apply scale transformation.