Search for a feature article using Google.

Expanding ideas in the creative problem solving process.
Research using internet search tools: Google and Google News.
  1. Do a Google search for a person or event in the subject of your magazine.
  2. Click News.
  3. Find an article to use as your feature article. The article should be 300 to 400 words.
  4. Add it as a bookmark. Click Bookmarks >> Add bookmark.
  5. Search for other articles that might be good cover stories. Bookmark at least 3 articles.
    • Try searching for online magazines related to your subject
    • Look at Wikipedia for more ideas to search for.
      • Do not use Wikipedia for an article, just use it to find ideas to search for other articles
  6. Save 5 images you find related to the article.
    • Control-click the image
    • Click Save Image As... >> Documents >> Magazine >> Save.