Choose a logo and prepare it to be placed in the magazine.

Interpreting peer evaluation.
Refining ideas in the creative problem solving process.
Preparing logo files for placement in a magazine.
  1. Look at the critique of your logo on or
  2. Choose a logo to use.
  3. Delete the other logos.
    • If you used separate text boxes for each logo, choose selection tool (black arrow), click on each logo, and hit the delete key.
    • If you put all of your logos in one text box, choose the text tool, select the logos you wish to delete, and hit the delete key.
  4. Make spacing adjustments, and other necessary changes based on your critique.
  5. Click Type >> Create Outlines
  6. Click File >> Save As...
    • Save in Documents >> Magazine
    • The title should be the name of your magazine Ex:

Search for a feature article using Google.

Expanding ideas in the creative problem solving process.
Research using internet search tools: Google and Google News.
  1. Do a Google search for a person or event in the subject of your magazine.
  2. Click News.
  3. Find an article to use as your feature article.
  4. Add it as a bookmark. Click Bookmarks >> Add bookmark.
  5. Save any images you find related to the article.
    • Control-click the image
    • Click Save Image As... >> Documents >> Magazine >> Save.
  6. Add a comment to your Magazine Logos blog post stating the name of the article and add the images using the camera button.
  7. When you are finished look around the room for other students who have not completed the assignment yet and offer your assistance.