Upload logo brainstorms
Understanding how to save file formats for the web.
Uploading files to a Peer-to-Peer site.

File >> Save for Web and Devices >> Save inside the folder Documents >> Magazine with the file name "magazinelogos.jpg"
Log in to hoganmedia.ning.com or artdig.ning.com.
Click My Page.
Click Blog Posts.
Click Add a Blog Post.
Enter "Magazine Logos" for the Post Title.
Click in the Entry field and click the camera icon to Add an Image.
Click Browse.
Go to Documents >> Magazine >> magazinelogos.jpg
Publish the post.

Critique neighbor's logo brainstorms
Peer evaluation for team building and improvement.
Critical analysis and ability to describe successful work.
Development of technological skills using Web 2.0 peer-to-peer software
Click members at the top, and type the name of the person sitting next to you. Hit return.
Comment on the student's blog post. Using complete sentences, explain which of the 3 logos (first, second, or third) best meets these criteria and why:
-Stands out
-Clearly readable
-Engages target audience
-Letters spaced evenly
When you are finished, look at other members' logo brainstorms, and critique their logo brainstorms as well.