Exporting Flash

Flash Exporting and Uploading

Change 24.0 fps to 30.0 fps
This matches the speed in frames per second to Quicktime's speed.
Insert >> Timeline >> Keyframe
Do this for the last frame on each layer.
Click 10 frames ahead and hit F6 on the keyboard for each layer so the animation does not stop suddenly.
File >> Export >> Export Movie
Save As: hope
Folder: HoganMedia or Documents
Format: Quicktime
QuickTime Export Settings:
Stop Exporting: After time elapsed:
Enter the third underlined blue number with "s" after it. This is the length of your video in seconds.
Export. OK.

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+ Add Videos
Click to Add Videos
Find your file by clicking on the folder you saved it in or by searching for the file name.
Select. Upload.
Title: Hope
Description: Describe what software you used, how you animated the text, and what it means.
-Example: I created this motion typography project using Adobe Flash. I animated the text using a motion tween to move it around and catch your attention. The text is meant to let people think about where people find hope.
Tags: Your Name, Hogan High School, Vallejo, Adobe Flash Motion Typography, Kinetic Typography